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Are ketamine and PCP the same thing

Ketamine is a drug that was developed in the 1960s to replace PCP as an anesthetic. Ketamine, in its current form, is a drug that was developed in the 1960s to replace PCP as an anesthetic. It has been used as a club drug and street drug since the 1970s and remains widely available today.

how does ketamine work and affects the brain

Ketamine blocks N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors, reducing glutamate activity. Ketamine is an NMDA receptor antagonist. NMDA receptors are a type of glutamate receptor that enable the passage of glutamate, an excitatory neurotransmitter, across the synapse. When ketamine blocks these receptors, it reduces glutamate activity and leads to many of ketamine’s effects. Ketamine has a sedative effect

how ketamine works for pain and depression

Ketamine has been around for a long time. However, it’s only in the last couple of decades that scientists have discovered its pain-relieving and antidepressant properties. That’s because ketamine is an anesthetic and sedative, which means it can help with pain and anxiety. But what makes it unique is that it does these things by

What ketamine does to your bladder and brain

Ketamine is an anesthetic used in both human and veterinary medicine. But it’s also a popular recreational drug, commonly abused for its hallucinogenic effects. In addition to the ‘high’ ketamine produces, the drug is known to cause cognitive dysfunction and bladder problems (including ulcers), but how exactly this happens has been unclear until now. A

how ketamine helps with ptsd and depression

Ketamine has recently been approved for the treatment of severe depression, with the potential for even more conditions in the future. Let’s take a closer look at what ketamine is, how it works, and its many potential applications in medicine. Current treatment for PTSD and depression are not all that effective. Current treatments for PTSD

Potential dangers of taking too much ketamine

Ketamine is a medicine used to treat psychological disorders such as depression. It’s also sometimes abused recreationally. In this article, we’ll look at some of the risks associated with taking ketamine for recreational purposes. How much ketamine it takes to overdose depends on your body weight and metabolism. How much ketamine it takes to overdose

why ketamine and xylazine used together

Ketamine + xylazine (ket-xyl) provides a very reliable anesthesia that is used in mice, rats and rabbits. Ketamine and xylazine are drugs. They are anesthetics, which means they can make animals unconscious. Ket-xyl is used in mice, rats and rabbits for anesthesia during surgery. The combination of ketamine and xylazine provides a reliable anesthesia that

What happens when you stop taking ketamine?

The drug ketamine is a powerful, mind-altering sedative that has many uses in the medical industry, including treating depression and relieving chronic pain. It’s proper use is under the supervision of a doctor. However, recreational users often misuse ketamine by abusing it or combining it with other drugs. If you’re concerned that someone you know